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Yvette Styner is an educator, certified coach, fitness professional and science-based holistic nutritional consultant providing direct and online nutrition services. She is both a fierce bodybuilding competitor and an ambassador of natural health and athletics. Her approach in nutritional counselling involves a comprehensive assessment of your body and physiology, your goals, and your current circumstances and lifestyle to produce an extensive, customized plan that’s as unique as you are. She is the founder of Mipstick Yvette Personal Nutrition and is passionate about helping you and your family achieve a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.


With over 15 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, Ryan and Sarah have the tools necessary in order to create your dream body! Personal experience and coaching countless amounts of past clients has led Ryan and Sarah to develop a coaching method that has produced a 90% top 5 finish rate in many tested and non tested fitness competitions. Sarah is currently a National level bikini competitor with Provincial titles and past Pro Cards in mutliple natural federations. Ryan is also a National level bodybuilder with Provincial titles as well as a top 5 finish at the Canadian National level. With experience, hard work and dedication to each and every one of their atheltes, your Team Ignite Coaches are commited to your success!