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Customers Testimonials

"I love that Joanne (BalancedLife Cleaner) is as picky as I am at cleaning my house! Everything is absolutely flawless - aka dustless, right down to the top edges of my baseboard. And the fact that she does it all in my large house within a few hours is fantastic".

Yvette Styner

I come home to a sparkling clean and tidy home after a day at work! What's not to love?

Meridee Fockler P.Geol

Danielle came and told me she has an OCD about cleaning which helped her in her job. I believed her when she left since she cleaned in places I didn't even think of and left my house beautifully clean.

Shazia Awan-Qureshi

Joanne is wonderful, she helped me out very last minute when I needed my condo cleaned after a mixup with the renovations happening in my condo. She was on time, professional and did a great job. I already plan to have her back next week. Would highly recommend her and the value is wonderful.

Kolby Lynn

Balanced Life Cleaning Service is an example in how cleaning should be done. I can honestly say I have never been as satisfied with another company. Having used them before I did not hesitate to book with them for a final cleaning of a house we had just sold.

Due to COVID and distance we were unable to check that our tenants had obtained a move out clean, and trusted the rental management company when they said the house was clean enough to be handed to the next owner with a light clean being needed.

Joanne’s team immediately saw that the house had not been cleaned, especially not to their standards, and took pictures to document (including behind the fridge!). Joanne contacted me to let me know of the situation and advised us to take appropriate steps. We are so grateful for this level of customer service and cannot recommend Balanced Life Cleaning Service enough. This is a team that truly cares and demonstrates their commitment reliably.

                                                                                                                                 Jessica Condon

                                                           Certified Counselor and Registered Clinical Counselor

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